When Dana suggested this local TikToker I immediately understood why.

This is Lindy, or as she's known on TikTok, @lifeoflindy. Her bio explains it all; Artist. Animal Lover. Traveler.

Her videos feature a number of different animals, hence why Dana was so excited. For example, here she is playing with a ferret.

Or this adorable baby racoon

Or these adorable baby ducks!

But, the star of her Tiktok account, besides herself, is her adorable pittie. Here she is reacting to a viral sound that was making its rounds on the app:

But, like her bio says, she's also a traveler. On her page she's shared a number of different adventures she's gone on from Cedar Point to Italy. And, of course, since she's a Michigan gal, trips to the lakes! As someone who's still new-ish to Michigan, I appreciate the fact that people share these kinds of videos. It motivates me to actually get out of my apartment and go explore this beautiful state. Look how gorgeous this is:

While her account may be on the smaller side as far as Tiktok is concerned (she has just under 4500 followers) her videos, at least the ones that I've watched, are free from complaining and free from negativity. And that is something I can sincerely appreciate in this day and age. If you'd like to give her a follow you can do so here. And thank you to Lindy for bringing us a smile today with your adorable animals! Dana is very jealous.

Every Tuesday we feature a Tiktok creator from southwest Michigan. Know someone who should be featured or want to throw your own name into the hat? Find either Dana (@danaonair) or myself (@thatchickchelsea) on Tiktok and shoot us a message!

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