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Today for Dog Days we welcomed little Snow White. She's a labradoodle puppy that was born at the SPCA of SW Michigan after her mother was rescued from a puppy mill situation.

While the color of her fur doesn't match her name, she was born with several siblings and I applaud the people at the SPCA for seeing an opportunity and taking it. Group names for animals are always adorable in my opinion.

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All of the puppies will be ready for adoption tomorrow (5/28) and since they're labradoodles I have a feeling they'll be adopted out quickly. After all, people may shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars to a breeder for labradoodle puppies. With that being said, I would contact the SPCA of SW Michigan to see the best course of action if you're interested in adopting. You can find all of their information here.

As for Snow White, she was the sweetest little thing. She had a very relaxed temperament and seemed to love cuddles. Keep in mind, with puppies training is always necessary. Snow White is about 8 weeks old and will need to be house broken. In fact, right before she came to visit us she had to have a little bath after an "accident". Hence her wet-hair look in the photo. She's making it work though:

Snow White

If you're interested in adopting an older dog instead there are plenty at the SPCA that would be grateful to have a loving home. The same applies to cats. You can find the list of all animals up for adoption at the SPCA here.

As well, if you can't adopt but still want to help the SPCA is always in need. You can volunteer, foster or donate. All information, including a wish list, can be found here.

Before you go...

There's an upcoming event that may pique your interest. On June 12th, the Growlers will be hosting a Bark in the Park event. If you purchase your tickets and use the promo code SPCA, the shelter will receive a portion of the proceeds. Find more details on the SPCA's Facebook page.

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