As our license plates proclaim, Michigan truly is a water winter wonderland! According to Pure Michigan, there are over 40 ski resorts in operation right here in the Great Lakes State.

Whether you prefer to ski or snowboard, now that that white fluffy stuff is falling from the sky here in West Michigan local ski resorts are eyeing the forecast so they can open for the 2022 season.

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Snow Flyer

In anticipation of the big day Bittersweet Ski Resort in Otsego, MI is preparing its latest addition of the year-- a new high-speed ski lift.

Announcing the project back in August of this year in a social media post Bittersweet said,

Skiers and Snowboarders, be ready for Bittersweets 2nd high speed chair lift, the "Snow Flyer"! Our awesome crew has been hard at work all summer and now rolling up their sleeves to get this thing in its place. The project is on schedule and anticipated to be ready to go before opening day!
The resort says they are on pace to be ready in time for opening day, whenever mother nature will allow that to be.
Avid skiers and snowboarders throughout West Michigan seem to be excited for the new addition and hope it will cut down on the long wait times that plagued the resort last year saying,
  • "I enjoy skiing, I don't enjoy standing in lines like they have. Last season was out of control. Those Red Rover lines create huge safety hazards as well. " - Kenneth Charles
  • "That happens at any ski resort. I had 35-40 minute lines at Copper Mountain last year. Some ski resort lines are worth waiting for, others aren’t" - Alex McNett
  • "Why is everyone hating on the amount of people that were there last year? If this new lift is up and running, it will cut lines in half if it doesn't get rid of them all together" - Jacob Meyers

Bittersweet Ski Resort via Facebook
Bittersweet Ski Resort via Facebook

Other Improvements

In addition to the new Snow Flyer ski lift, Bittersweet is also making improvements and upgrades to the resort's original high-speed chair lift Sweet Express. Though I've only ever been skiing at Bittersweet once, for a field trip in 5th grade, I'm eager to check out the new upgrades myself.

As of this writing, Bittersweet tentatively plans to open for the season on Monday,  November 21. Be sure to check back here for updates! Other area resorts including Timber Ridge and Cannonsburg have yet to open for the season.

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