Well, that's one way to return a shopping cart.

Over the weekend, I was scrolling through Tiktok when a video popped up on my feed showing an...interesting way two Michigan women decided to return their Meijer shopping cart to the cart corral. They used their car:

Maybe it was cold outside. Maybe they got into their car and realized they still needed to return their cart but didn't want to get out of their car again. Maybe they just wanted to see if they could do it. Who knows?

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The video, posted by Kay Kay on Tiktok, has gained over 321,000 views since it was posted five days ago. But let me make this clear, this is in no way encouraging people to use this same method for returning their shopping cart at their next Meijer outing. One wrong step and they could have damaged the shopping cart, the corral, or their own car.

Of course, some could argue that this is a higher level of the shopping cart theory.

What's the Shopping Cart Theory?

The Shopping Cart theory has been said to be a kind of test of a person's ability to self-govern as well as the "goodness" of a person. An article from thecolumbiastar.com says,

The Theory claims that since there is no punishment for leaving the cart next to one’s auto, the only pressure is societal norm. People who are innately “good” will return the cart to its resting place, and those who aren’t won’t.

It sounds a bit extreme, sure. But, I have to say it is SO annoying trying to pull into a parking space that is relatively close to the store only to find that it's occupied by a rogue shopping cart that somebody chose to leave in that space instead of walking it eight feet to the shopping cart corral.

There's also a quick video explaining the theory if you're more of a visual person:

So, technically, these women did pass the test. Just in an excessive way.

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