Movie star Ryan Reynolds was made an offer he may not refuse...

In a recent interview, actor Ryan Reynolds' talked about his favorite t-shirt that just happens to come from a bar in Pinckney, Michigan. When asked about the shirt he told the press...

I have an old T-shirt that I’ve had for maybe 18 years. It was black, but is gray now. And on the front it says Zukey Lake Tavern. I don’t even know where that is, but it’s a real tavern somewhere in the United States. I’ve had a couple of people say, 'No way! That’s from my hometown.

After seeing the interview, Mlive reported that Sen. Stabenow sent out a invitation via Twitter to the actor.

“Hey Ryan, Zukey Lake Tavern is in Pinckney, MI! I’ve been there many times for the great pizza and other good pub food. You and @blakelively  need to join me there for dinner sometime!”

The rumor mill is churning about if or when Ryan will take Sen. Stabenow up on her offer. If he does, I think that Pinckney, will be a jumping town!

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