Early Thursday could have been a disaster at Lee Middle School and High School in Wyoming, MI after a portion of the roof collapsed earlier on Thursday. Luckily for the staff and students, officials say that no one was injured when it happened. School was released shortly after the incident, and Fox 17 is reporting that while crews work on repairing the damaged roof, No one is to enter the school.

It's not a total shock that this happened considering the portion of the school whose roof collapsed was built 94 years ago.  The damage happened over a classroom and another portion of the building. Superintendent Kevin Polston said that inspections of the roof that were preformed last year showed that there were no issues. Last year, voters passed a sinking fund that included funding for roof replacement. Looks like that's gonna come in handy now. However, Polston says the district also believes the damage will be covered by their insurance. Good luck with the repairs Lee.

Now in a completely unrelated topic, here's the NSFW song "Lee" by Tenacious D:

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