An Ohio man went for a very cold swim last Wednesday Morning.

Those weren't sleigh bells the Summit County Sheriff's Office heard ringing on December 2nd.  Those were security alarm bells were ringing around 5 A.M. at a liquor store in Green, Ohio a small town just South of Akron.  A suspect was seen fleeing the scene in a red vehicle after allegedly breaking into Lake Beverage.

The brilliant decisions do not end there.  The suspect then allegedly refuse to pull over for law enforcement.  Which later resulted in the suspect crashing his car in about 15 minutes from the break-in in Coventry Township.  That's when the suspect got a brilliant idea according to Shore News Network,

All four occupants of the vehicle fled on foot.
One suspect jumped into the Long Lake Channel in an attempt to flee from the deputy.

20-year-old Antoine D Sandford of Cleveland was taken into custody after he was taken out of the very cold water.  The suspect was treated at the scene and then taken to the Akron City Hospital for additional treatment.

The other three occupants of the car involved in the police chase are currently in the cold, cold December wind.  The suspect was charged with Breaking and Entering and swimming less than 30 minutes after eating.  OK, that last part was a joke.  Ohio...for the love of God, stop it!


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