Traffic can be a real bite, especially during the afternoon. That's one of the main reasons I usually do my shopping at night. I'm always trying to find the safest way to travel in Kalamazoo to avoid getting stuck and there are a few roads in particular that I have come to avoid making a left onto from certain areas for that reason.

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The first is on Gull Rd by Meijer. This exit is usually impossible to make a left out of during even mild traffic hours because it rests before a light. Even making a right seems to be a struggle sometimes. My solution is to drive down to where you can exit using the stoplight. Its a guarantee way to stay safe and get back on westbound Gull Rd.

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The second is a road you may not ever need to make a left out of, and for those that have to I pity them. Making a left out of Stadium Drive Apartments off of Stadium Dr is pretty much a joke and i don't suggest ever doing it.

We took to Facebook to see what other roads the people of Kalamazoo can't stand turning left onto are.

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Brenda & Bonnie: Making a left from the Best Buy onto S. Westnedge is awful. I don't even attempt it anymore, I make Best Buy my last stop and then I turn right and then left at Romence and take Romence and Lovers Lane home!
Kim Frank: Not in Kzoo, but turning left from CR 657 onto Red Arrow Highway sucks. Especially when everyone is headed to both Mattawan and Paw Paw high schools and to work.
Jenn Keyser: Westnedge anywhere that doesn't have a light, and Gull out of Menards.
Angel, Monica & Jackie: Gull Road.

What other roads do you avoid? Let us know on our Facebook post!