An Ohio woman saw a familiar feline on an animal shelter website and found her missing cat.

Losing a pet can be rough.  Just ask Britni of Mansfield, Ohio.  Her furry family member turned up missing 4 years ago.  And then she got the surprise of her life while scrolling through the Richland County Humane Society website.  She was certain that a cat named Bagel on their website was actually her fur baby Tike.  She immediately reached out to the Humane Society of Richland County about her kitty.  Calls like that don't usually have the result that the person with a missing pet is hoping for according to a Facebook post by the Humane Society at 12:42 PM on Wednesday,

I'm not gonna lie. When people call us to say that they think that a cat in our care is one that they lost long ago, it's typically wishful thinking.

Britni provided photos of her missing cat and they were a purr-fect match.  The staff of the animal shelter was "absolutely shocked."  Just 2 hours later Tike and Britni reunited after 4 years apart according to another Facebook post on the Humane Society of Richland County page.

Nobody knows for sure what Tike has been up to over the last 4 years.  But we have a pretty good idea of how he's feeling right meow as he snuggles up to his human.

Britni and Tike are very lucky to find each other again.  It's possible they could have been reunited much earlier if Tike was microchipped.  Back in 2019, we covered a story about a missing Michigan cat that ended up 1,200 miles away, down in Florida.  That cat was quickly reunited with its family after being scanned for a microchip. See that full story by clicking here.

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