Pizza is one of the foods that has been around for as long as anyone can remember. An Italian dish that has made its way around the world and everyone has added their two cents of flavor. As the delicious pie was making its rounds around the world it continued to evolve and has turned into the world of pizza we know now.

Everywhere you go, they make pizza differently and have strayed far from the traditional cheese pie the Italians originated. Now we have crazy stuffed pizzas like Chicago Deep Dish, Detroit has its own style of deep dish pizza, and of course the gigantic, thin New York Style Pizzas. Nowadays, different types of pizza can be found all over the country, and in Michigan, there are at least 6 spots that have great pizza.

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After heading into downtown Kalamazoo for dinner with my family, we ended up settling on pizza. This isn't uncommon although the pizza spot we chose was. We normally get a booth at Bimbo's and enjoy the conversation as we watch them prepare and bake our pizza. This time, we made a stop at Benny Dicarta's, and wow was I impressed. A relatively new pizza place in town that has HUGE pizza slices.

These pizza slices were thin and wide, but someone longer than any other piece of pizza I've ever seen. These slices were the size of my head if not larger, they were still packed with flavor and tasted great. Check out the gallery below that has Benny's and 5 other spots with gigantic pizza slices, including places in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor.

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