If you're planning on proposing to your significant other, you already know there are a ton of details to sort out. You have to find the right ring, find the right time, and find the right place.

Recently, on Kalamazoo's Reddit, someone (I'm going to keep their username private so I don't ruin any surprises) asked the question,

Pretty places to propose around Kzoo or surrounding areas? I'm looking to propose to my SO by the end of the month but just need a nice place to do it. I want to do it somewhere where we can be outside and our huskies can be with us too and I'm looking for ideas!

To me, the abundance of nature preserves, nature trails, and lakes in the Kalamazoo and surrounding areas really makes this part of Michigan stand out. With that being said, there were a ton of suggestions in the comments. Here are at least 5:

1. Lillian Anderson Arboretum 

Suggested by u/sorcha1977, they also recommended going during peak Fall colors. Which, judging by the above video, that's going to be gorgeous. The Lillian Anderson Arboretum is a private facility owned by Kalamazoo College. However, the public is welcome to experience the 140-acre preserve. You can find trail maps and more here.

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2. Bow in the Clouds Preserve 

This one was suggested by u/eriffodrol. It's a smaller preserve with about a mile of trails. However, as soon as you enter the preserve you'll notice a circular gravel path that leads to both the trails and the above-pictured overlook. It's a breathtaking view and would certainly make for a pretty setting for a proposal. Find their trail maps and more here.

3. Al Sabo Land Preserve 

The Al Sabo Land Preserve was recommended multiple times in the above-mentioned Reddit post. It's a huge piece of property with woods, wetlands, and open meadows with about 25 miles of trails. It sounds like you would have plenty of options for a picturesque proposal spot. You can find more information on the Al Sabo Land Preserve here.

4. The Waterfall at Cooper Park 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

U/lokilance wrote, "There is a waterfall in Comstock make sure doggo are on a leash tho it is close to the road since it is at a park." The waterfall they're referring to is in Cooper Park in Comstock. And, indeed, the waterfall is right next to the road. Be sure to be cautious. It is a lovely setting, though. Cooper Park is located at 26th Street and Oran Street in Comstock. Find more information here.

5. Heritage Hall at WMU 

That is quite the view. While the suggestion was made by u/TiffkaKitka, a fellow Reddit user, u/Background_Junket_35 said, "I came here to say this. I used this exact spot 15 years ago." Look at that! It's already been deemed a successful proposal spot. Heritage Hall has been standing since 1905 and has a long history in the Kalamazoo area. Read the full history here.

Hopefully, if you're looking to propose to your partner, this helps inspire some ideas. You can see the original Reddit post with even more suggestions here.

UNLESS you've been with your partner for a while and think they might be proposing soon. Then this list isn't for you (I'm really trying not to ruin any potential surprises).

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