If you haven't heard about the new interactive light installation dubbed "Prismatica," at the 2020 World of Winter Festival in Grand Rapids, you're seriously gonna freak out. It all kicks off on Friday January 17th and is sure to draw a huge crowd during its time at WOWfest. Their event page details the new, unique exhibit:

Prismatica is a collection of light prisms by Creos that have toured the world, adding energy and creativity to urban business districts. The interactive installation includes 25 pivoting prisms, creating a modern ice palace that transmits and reflects color and light. As the prisms rotate, a soundtrack of bells plays in the background. Downtown Grand Rapids will host Prismatica at 555 Monroe Ave. NW from January 17 to February 16, 2020.

The month-long festival, organized by DGRI and partners, is designed to take advantage of Michigan’s cold climate, provide fun ways for people to get outside and enjoy the season, and make Grand Rapids a better winter city - which makes Grand Rapids a better year-round city. World of Winter features a variety of FREE and low-cost event activities for both families and adults.

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