A federal judge has denied Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette's request to stay her ruling allowing selfies in the voting booth.

Benson vote selfie
Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission.

This is the latest development in a lawsuit filed by a Portage man, Joel Crookston. He took a selfie of himself and his ballot in 2012. After seeing it posted online, the Michigan Secretary of State's office rule his ballot invalid. So he sued. MLive has all the legal details here.

But, I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Part of problem with this is, selfies are a fad, eventually people will get tired of taking them and seeing them, so this may take care of itself. It's also incredibly narcissistic. Get over yourself.

But here's my real problem with this. Let's say, for example, on November 8th, a lot of people decide they want to vote, for whatever reason. And let's just say, there are long lines at the precinct where you vote. And let's just say, more than a few people decide to take selfies. You're already waiting in line. Now , you've got to wait for the idiot in the box to line up the picture, maybe even primp a little, and then get around to doing what you originally came in to do - VOTE!.

It's like when you're at a fast food restaurant, and the person in front of you can't make up their mind. This is the kind of frustration I'm talking about.

A lot of people already can't be bothered to vote. Which is sad, because we get the government we deserve. But now, someone may come in to vote, and after waiting in a long line, may never vote again.  Again, just sad. You came to vote. Vote!


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