WHAT?!?!?! Little Caesars is  testing plant-based sausage topping on pizza!

The word around town,  according to the Detroit Free Press is that the new pizza from Little Caesars is plant based!

Ed Gleich, , Little Caesars chief innovation officer, commented on the decision to try out a plant-based sausage on their pizza.

We were seeing it in our product line, more and more people were ordering non-meat pizzas in general. When you’re a chain our size, you watch things and we are looking for things that aren’t necessarily a niche but have wide enough appeal that we can put in all of stores and sell enough of it and it is a high-quality product.

The Impossible Supreme Pizza will make its debut Monday at participating Little Caesars locations in Yakima, Washington, Ft. Meyers, Florida and Albuquerque, New Mexico. My question is why is the Detroit based Company not trying this new idea out in their home state?!?

I just can't wait to taste this bad boy myself!

In fact, this pizza is primed to be so good that the President and CEO of Little Caesars David  Scrivan stated...

I’m confident that the Impossible Supreme Pizza will go down as one of the most surprising and satisfying menu sensations of 2019!

No word on when the pizza will be available for Michiganders, but lets hope it's soon!

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