I've always thought people going above and beyond to show love for their pets to be super funny. Whether it's cheesy Christmas cards or a goofy t-shirt of their pet's face, I'm all about people loving their pets. The bar has seemingly been set by some pet owners recently, as there is a company that will create a pair of slippers that look identical to your cat or dog. Something to think about if you've recently adopted from the SPCA of SWMI.

The company called Cuddle Clones makes cartoon fleece blankets, coffee mugs, figurines, golf club head covers, plush replicas, earrings, ornaments, necklaces, coasters, socks, pillows, and now slippers that perfectly resemble your fur baby. A pair of these will run you $199, and the results are hilariously accurate as seen here. This probably the most ridiculous thing you could ever drop $200 on, but if you've got the money, it would totally be worth it. The coolest thing about it all is that every purchase provides the meals and a toy to a shelter pet.



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