One thing I've seriously missed from the other side of the state is all the Polish restaurants they have over there. There's one in particular outside of my childhood subdivision that straight up SLAPS. I feel like that's one thing we could use more of in Southwest Michigan, and I think I may have just gotten my wish. Wine Emi and her partner have officially begun making Perogie in Kalamazoo available for contactless porch pick up on the weekends. The company is called, "Perogie To You." I thought the spelling was off but I was actually wrong.

I learned through the Kalamazoo Buy/Sell/Trade group that Perogie is the Ukrainian spelling and Pierogi is the Polish spelling, and as she's Ukrainian, she uses that spelling. So now I've got an appetite and I'm learning things. If any special arrangements are needed you can message her to let them know and they work with you. They also take requests for specific perogie filling orders. This upcoming weekend they'll have their Classic (Potato & Cheese) and Jalapeño Popper available. The prices are $10/dozen for Classic or $10/8 Specialty (Popper).

Those interested in ordering from them can message her here with their order/instructions. It's great to know that during such a rough time right now for local businesses that more people are starting to come forward and taking a chance and investing in a positive future. Things won't always be this tough, and I'm hoping these new businesses can thrive and grow in the coming months.

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