Anyone who's a parent understands the pride you feel when your kids accomplish something special. Both my kids make me proud, but this is specifically about my son David, who has an exhibit of some of his art/photography on displayIt all started with a call. "I've got some of my stuff being displayed for Art Hop".

(Dave Benson, Jr.; Used by permission)

So, last night, I was at the offices of Diekema Hamann, the architects at 612. S Park St.

You all know Art Hop and how much fun it is. But it's extra special when it's someone whom you know. And not only my son David, but several of his classmates in the School of Art, And they're all so talented.

Meredith Whitaker's experimentation with PhotoShop's Liquify Tool (Dave Benson/TSM)

Just a couple of examples of what I saw last night from those whose work is on display, Meredith Whitaker, Chessa Hosinski, Ashley Huss and Manna Smith.

Art photography from Chessa Hosinski (Dave Benson/TSM)