I will start this off by saying I don't have a child that attends Parchment Middle School. In fact, I'm child-free! However, I do work and live here. I'm also just a concerned human being who can't help but wonder:

Seriously. What is going on at Parchment Middle School?!

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If my source-- the We Are Parchment Facebook group-- is correct, this is now at least the 3rd lockdown to take place at Parchment Middle School in the last 7 days.

Like I said, as someone who works and lives in the area I like to keep tabs on what's going on in my community. It seems like since the school year started our local Facebook group, which is supposed to be for community events and local happenings, has turned into nothing but posts about alleged threats and lockdowns at the middle school.

Most recently I saw a post from group member Richard Sanders who wrote:

Just wanted to complement the Middle School on today. The way they responded by evacuating then relocating and sending kids home. I'm sure alot of kids appreciated being able to go home instead of sit and worry. Parents as well.

My first thought was: wait, it happened again?!

We Are Parchment via Facebook
We Are Parchment via Facebook

Threat on 10/3/23

I can't find any official word from the Parchment School District, not on their official Facebook page or their website, but it appears once again there was a threat deemed credible enough to evacuate the school.

Joey Bird first posted news that the school was on lockdown (again) around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 3. Middle schoolers were then sent to the high school and classes were cancelled for the rest of the day, including football practice. An email was allegedly sent to parents of students at the school informing them of the day's events.

During the final week of September the school was on lockdown 2 days in a row.

via Google Maps
Parchment Middle School via Google Maps

Now What?

I understand that educators and personnel are overworked with limited resources, and unfortunately we know all too well that a simple threat is nothing to take lightly these days; take the events in Oxford, MI for example.

I don't have the answer, but something must change. Here's what Parchment parents are saying:

  • "The kids had to leave their backpacks, phones and house keys… some parents are at jobs they can’t leave. Communication is poor, and this is terribly stressful on kids." - Kathryn L. Zabonick
  •  "The fact that a 3rd lock down is happening as though it’s become “fashion” does not make me as a parent feel comfortable at all with much, of how these behaviors and threats are being handled. Some were terrified, others have become desensitized to it, annoyed by it… which does little to actually protect them when a real threat comes." - Marge Rizzo
  • "Next board meeting is the 11th at 530 PM as a community it's time to lobby the board into putting some pressure behind the schools to keep the district safe" - Blake Gower

Safety is the main concern above all else. I know if I had a kid that went there I would certainly feel uneasy right now. Find details on the next Parchment Board of Education meeting here.

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