A trailer full of camping equipment used by Boy Scout Troop 218 in Parchment has been reported stolen.

The trailer was parked at the United Methodist Church and was believed to have been stolen over the weekend.

Parchment, MI's Boy Scout Troop 218's trailer was discovered to be missing last night. It's been reported stolen. The trailer contained all of their camping equipment, some of which is old, but some purchased as recently as this summer. This trailer is unique in that it has a custom made spare tire carrier welded to the frame on the front of the trailer.
If you see the trailer please contact Kalamazoo Township Police.

The comments on a Facebook post from the Scoutmaster, revealing the theft show the outrage the community is feeling:

This is appalling. To think a human being could do this to a group of children... unspeakable.

There seems to be a real rash of this lately. People can be such scumbags.

UPDATE: A GoFundMe campaign has begun to replace the scouts' equipment. The goal of the campaign is $10,000.

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