We are not alone.

With the recent U.S House of Representatives Oversight Committee hearings on UFOs (actually we call the UAPs now) the existence of extraterrestrial life has all but been confirmed. Now that we know they're here, are they trying to get our attention?

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I mean, it can't just be coincidence that folks across the country are all starting to see weird lights in the sky at the same time, can it?

Orbs in Owensboro

Several residents, including Claire Williams, reported seeing strange objects flying across the sky in Owensboro, Kentucky on the morning of Saturday, August 12. Two friends who were fishing nearby also noticed an odd aircraft which had, "sequential lights."

Although the Perseid meteor shower was underway at the time, the friends say these were not the same shooting stars they saw just hours earlier. One resident, Julie Benson, described seeing:

6 flying things in the sky. Not lanterns or drones. They were lit up and looked like it had wings

That's not normal! Residents in nearby Indiana reportedly saw the lights too. What does it all mean?!

Aliens in Allegan?

Now I'm hearing news out of my hometown of Allegan that weird lights have been spotted there too! Have the aliens made it to West Michigan? One of my fellow schoolmates, Sarah Richardson, shared her sightings in the Allegan County Informed Facebook group:

I live at Highpointe Apartments and for the 2nd night in a row, I've seen these green lights very clearly...this time they kept on blinking from time to time. Has anyone else seen these and might know what they are?

Residents were quick to chime in with the obvious: Starlink, airplane, military helicopters, etc. but I'm not so convinced.

Considering the alleged UFO/F-16 military dogfight that reportedly took place over a Michigan Meijer in June I'd say anything is possible. Oh, you don't remember hearing about that? That's because it was quietly swept under the rug!

It reminds me of that recent episode of Netflix's rebooted Unsolved Mysteries episode about the UFO sightings on the lakeshore near Muskegon. In the episode hypothesized that a large body of water such as the Great Lakes might act a beacon for extra-terrestrials. Is that why they're coming our way?

What do YOU think: is there a logical explanation for the orbs?

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