If you're like me and can devour unholy amounts of sushi in a small window of time and then hate yourself for the next 3 hours, then you'll be stoked to find out that one of the biggest trends of the sushi world has finally made it's way to Michigan. Michigan's first ever conveyor belt sushi restaurant is now open in Troy, MI. Kura Sushi is a Japanese chain that featured sushi being delivered to customers via a conveyor belt, so if you see something you like, you just grab it.

Metro Times reports on how it all works: Below, a "primary belt" carries a rotating selection of sushi plates that customers can grab as they please. Guests can also place orders using a touch panel tablet at their table, which is delivered via an "Express Belt" — or what Kura Sushi calls a "sushi highway" — located above the primary belt. The bill is calculated based on the special orders and the number of plates taken from the primary belt.

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How Far Away From Kalamazoo Is This Restaurant

Unfortunately Kura is located at 736 W. Big Beaver Rd in Troy which is in Oakland County on the east side of the state, which will take you about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to. But, a weekend road trip would make it worth the drive.

Where Are Some Good Sushi Options In Kalamazoo

Maru Sushi in Downtown Kalamazoo has been a must-go for many sushi lovers in Kalamazoo. Kyoto on West Main has their All You Can Eat Sushi on the weekends, which is super dangerous. Of course, Sushi House, Hibachi Sushi Buffet & Ten Ten Buffet all have excellent sushi options for you as well. A simple search and you'll be overwhelmed with options.

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