I don't think there's ever been a time when I've said no to the offer of sushi. With that in mind, a recent post in the Facebook group Kalamazoo Foodie has posed the question: who has the best sushi in Kalamazoo?

The post, which you can see here, was made by Brittany B. and quickly gained over 30 responses. Out of those responses, these were the top 6:

1. Toba Sushi 

Easily one of the most popular suggestions, Toba Sushi and Grill is a new addition to the Kalamazoo area. Located on Drake Rd, they're self-described as a modern Korean/Japanese restaurant on their website. While they don't have a huge social media presence, they apparently have fantastic sushi as Tori S. commented,

Toba is THE best sushi you can get in Kalamazoo. The rolls are great too. But if you want the freshest tasting fish in the area, save yourself time and head to Toba. I recommend the Sashimi combo / Sushi Combo .

Find their full menu here.

2. Sakura 2

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Established in 2009, you'll find Sakura 2 off Westnedge in the Portage Crossings plaza (the same plaza as Target). They offer both hibachi and sushi dining options and claim to be 100% local. They were also recommended more than once on the above-mentioned Facebook post by people like Chelsea E. who simply said, "Sakura 2...it's consistent." Find their full menu, hours, and more on their website.

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3. Maru Sushi + Grill

Maru Sushi + Grill in Kalamazoo was suggested by Mandi B. While they have sister stores throughout the state of Michigan, the local establishment recently had to close indefinitely due to some internal issues. However, judging by Maru's recent Facebook post (see above) it sounds like they're back open at a limited capacity. See their full menu, hours, and more here.

4. Ziki Japanese Restaurant 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Ziki Japanese Restaurant, or Ziki Sushi & Steakhouse, is located on Centre Ave in Portage and was recommended by Molly B., Brigette R., and Jay R. as the best spot for sushi in the Kalamazoo area. According to their website, their restaurant, "is known for its variety in taste and high-quality fresh sushi." Find their full menu and even order online on their website.

5. Kumo Hibachi and Sushi

Another popular suggestion, Kumo Hibachi and Sushi is also located in Portage. This spot was recommended by Coty P., Sierra F., and Marie J., among others. They offer a sushi bar where you can watch the sushi being made, a separate area for the hibachi tables, and regular, relaxed dining as well. Find their full menu and make a reservation here.

6. Pacific Rim Foods 

I'm so happy to see this hidden gem recommended as a great spot for sushi. Pacific Rim Foods operates as a grocery store with Cravings Deli inside. They have daily specials, a cold case where you can snag a meal to go, vegan options, and a lot more. See what both Pacific Rim and Cravings Deli have to offer on their website.

There you have it. According to Kalamazoo locals, those are the 6 best spots for sushi in the area. And just like that, I'm craving ALL the hibachi and sushi I can handle.

Speaking of, if you're more of a crab rangoon type of person (I've yet to meet someone who doesn't love crab rangoons), there are several options to fulfill that craving in the Kalamazoo area:

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