I was a pretty well-behaved kid. As a teen even though I did some dumb stuff, I never went as far as smoking or eating soap. If I ever used language that my parents disapproved of or talked back to them, I would get a bar of soap in my mouth.

That was one of the nastiest experiences ever. I don't know how many of these kids ever had bars of soap in their mouth but it taught me a valuable lesson. But now it seems teens are getting their kicks by participating in soap pod challenges, where they record themselves eating those convenient clothes or dish soap pods. Really? This is the best the next generation can come up with? They're giving respectable kids of their generation a real bad look.

I've put together a nice list of local foods you should encourage your teen, or even yourself to try in order to sway them from trying this challenge. I guarantee these dishes will be way more delicious than soap:


TSM/Mark Frankhouse

1. Bell's Eccentric Cafe's Brisket Dip- This is an amazing sandwich served with fresh Aju and topped with chipotle mayo, jalapenos, and muenster cheese. This place also has the best smelling bathroom hand soap ever, but don't eat it. It's for washing.

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

2. Kyoto Sushi's Dragon Roll- There is nothing more flavorful or amazing in Kalamazoo in terms of sushi than Kyoto. This sushi tastes way better than soap and may not clean your dishes, but will cleanse your soul with deliciousness.

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

3. Firekeeper's Smores Donut- If this doesn't look better to you than a soap pod then I think you're from another sick, twisted and demented dimension. The best donut I've ever had hands down.

TSM/ Mark frankhouse

4. Main St. Pub's Smoked Gouda Burger- A simple burger. Why not? The meat is perfect and the toppings compliment this burger perfectly to give it that "non-soap" flavor normal humans love.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

5. Literally, Any Pizza- There are so many pizza places in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area it's hard to pick one in particular. But no matter where you choose, they will all taste better than a bunch of chemicals.

I hope this has helped you guide you and yours on a path of a non-soap eating lifestyle.