Deciding where to go for dinner can be tough.  There's quite a variety from Sushi and Mexican to Mediterranean and American to choose from below.

Here are 5 restaurants in Battle Creek, Michigan you're sure to enjoy according to Yelp reviews.

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    Malia Mediterranean Bistro

    34 W Michigan Ave Battle Creek, MI 49017
    Tiffany H of Indianapolis had this to say on Yelp,
    Stellar restaurant & it's not just a "good for MI" type restaurant - Malia is a solid spot that can compete in culinary big leagues of NY, LA, CHI, etc. Before I jump into how delicious the food is, I have to address two things:
    *I wouldn't consider Malia a mediterranean restaurant. In LA, we'd just slap a "New American" catch-all haha
    *They're not closing!! Confirmed with a server that there is some retirement and moving to FL going on, but it will still stay in the family & the family is keeping it open.Now that's out of the way, I've been to Malia twice now - once for lunch and once for dinner. It hasn't disappointed yet and I'm sure I'm going to back at least a couple more times.
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    235 Capital Ave SW Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Horrocks is a grocery store, farmers market and restaurant with a full bar mixed in one.  
    Elizabeth G from Minot, ND said this on Yelp,
    Love Horrocks for the massive amounts of produce, the soup/salad/sandwich bar, the beer & wine bar (have a beer while you shop. Why not?), and the products they sell that you simply cannot find anywhere else. I was addicted to the cinnamon yogurt pretzels at one time in my life - I would eat the entire container as soon as I would get them. They have fantastic deals on plants once in a while too, usually when they are on the verge of dying, but if you have a green thumb you can spring them back to life.
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    Territorial Brewing Company

    256 Helmer Rd N Battle Creek, MI 49037
    Here's what Hillary S of Battle Creek had to say on Yelp,
    I have been here a number of times for events, live music, and just for dinner or drinks.  I have always had a great experience.  German food isn't my favorite, but the menu has enough of a variety that I have never had trouble finding something to eat.The beer here is great!  There are usually some unique brews, and they are always awesome about letting you try a sample before ordering.  That has allowed me to try a few that I wouldn't normally have chosen, and I've been surprised a few times by liking some beers I didn't think I would enjoy!
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    Ichimi Sushi

    2550 Capital Ave SW Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Kelly B from the city of Brotherly Love said this on Yelp,
    We were staying at Firekeepers and wanted sushi so we came over here. 6 mile drive so not too bad. Quick. Easy. Yummy. Good service. I would definitely come back.
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    Taqueria San Francisco

    691 Capital Ave SW Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Steven H of Fairview, OR had this to say on Yelp,
    This was a great place to stop and have lunch. I was a little worried at first when we drove by, but, they proved to change my mind real quick. The waitress was very friendly and a great gal. We really enjoyed our conversation. She was very attentive to our needs.The chips and salsa are so amazingly fresh. I haven't had such fresh chips before in my life. It was just wonderful. The food was authentic Mexican, large portions, and reasonable prices. I have to say that I truly enjoyed the food, and that I will be back.We ate the Wet burrito on special, nacho grande, and had an appetizer of Queso with Chorizo. Everything was just wonderful.