Danielle Beaumier's grandma is safely isolated in assisted living facility.  So, the bride brought the wedding to her grandmother.

This happened last week in Boardman, Ohio according to WKBN,

Danielle Beaumier did not want her grandma to miss her wedding ceremony, so she decided to have it in an unusual location: Outside her grandma’s window at the Beeghly Oaks assisted living facility.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing that followed has resulted in the cancellation and/or postponement of many events.  That include weddings.  Danielle did everything she could to make sure here grandmother was a part of her big day by bringing the wedding to her window.  Even more evidence that humans will find a way to connect to the people they care about during the scary time.

Check out a video of that moment from WKBN's youtube page below.

Congrats to the happy couple.  We wish them the best.

And people...please respect social distancing and wash your hands.  Please and thank you. :)

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