You thought Baby Yoda was cute before.  This one in Ohio is Gord-eous.

Jeanette Paras is an artist from Dublin, Ohio.  She's no stranger to decorating gigantic pumpkins.  In fact, this mammoth pumpkin baby is her 32nd annual creation of it's kind.  Every year you can count on amazing pumpkin pieces of art from Obama and Hilary to Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.

This year Paras wanted to stay away from politics.  Don't we all.  So, she decided to go with a character from the Star Wars spinoff 'The Mandalorian' that people of all ages love. Seriously, if Baby Yoda doesn't make you smile, I don't know what to tell you.

Before she realized we all need a mental break from the madness and landed on Baby Yoda Jeanette almost went a completely different direction according to NBC 4,

Paras said she also considered “pumpkinizing” the coronavirus, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and others.

Her incredible piece of Star Wars themed art weighs in at 451 pounds and is almost ten feet wide.  You can watch videos of Paras from beginning to end as she creates this Baby Yodak and see more of her work by clicking here.

If you enjoyed the Baby Yodakin pumpkin you may love Decorated and carved pumpkins from Kalamazoo.  Check out the pictures by clicking here.

Happy Halloween.

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