It's not going to be the normal Halloween this year, but at least there are some traditions you just can't break up with a pandemic. Turning on some spooky Halloween tunes and gutting and carving a pumpkin is one of those traditions, and it's important we still partake in them. I feel it's those little things that have kept me leveled out this year. It's safe and fun as well. I wanted to see just how creative the people of the Kalamazoo area were getting with their pumpkins this year so I put the word out to send them in.

There are some serious artists out there. I mean, there are some pumpkins that were done by kids that look way better then the one I did. But as much as a well carved pumpkin can impress, we all win when we do these. Everything from fun, scary, superheroes, to paying homage to one of the greatest Halloween films of all time, here some awesome pumpkins from Michigan folks:

Pumpkin Carvings From Southwest Michigan

If you carved your pumpkins and haven't submitted the photos, feel free to comment a picture of them on our Facebook post and we'll add them to our gallery.

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Create Your Own Kalamazoo Halloween Nativity


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