An actual grown up allegedly threw a tantrum because she wanted lunch during breakfast at Burger King.

Sometimes you're craving a whopper with cheese with no onion and no pickle at 9 AM.  I get it.  You can't control your cravings.  However, you can control your actions.  Apparently, 41-year-old Suni Beach of Bucyrus, Ohio didn't get that memo According to Crawford County Now,

A Bucyrus woman was arrested at 9:13 a.m. on Monday morning after causing a disturbance at Burger King because the employees were not serving lunch yet.  Employees reported that the woman was yelling and cussing at employees because she wanted to order lunch at breakfast time.

I think it's fairly common knowledge that each fast food restaurant has  different set ups in their kitchens for lunch and breakfast.  An employee can't change the kitchen just because you're angry and then change it back.

It turns out the hungry suspect was wanted on a unrelated warrant out of Crawford County and has since been detained.

We are seeing story after story lately of customers acting like grumpy 2-year-olds that are not getting their way at fast food restaurants.  We recently reported on an angry customer destroying a Plexiglas coronavirus barrier at an Ohio McDonald's over a 25 cent sauce packet.

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