An Ohio woman left her wallet at the Walmart she just stole from.  You can probably guess what she did next.

This nonsense went down at the Walmart on Warrensville Center Road in South Euclid, Ohio on May 21st.  The suspect allegedly stole hundreds of dollars worth of household goods and got away.  Then she realized she left her wallet at the scene of the crime.  Maybe I'm new to crime but, why did she need her wallet out while stealing stuff?  Isn't the point of theft to take something without removing your wallet?

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To add more confusion to this crime, the suspect allegedly went back to the scene of the crime to get her wallet.  There's no word on if she went up to the customer service desk to ask for the wallet.  However, it does sound like the suspect might have gotten away with the crime had she not come back for her wallet, or at least waited more than a few minutes to do so.

Well, she didn't wait.  Which lead to handcuffs according to,

She was subsequently charged for the $221 theft of household items.

As usual, the decision-making process for Ohio criminals rivals that of Florida criminals.  Stay in school kids.

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