The Ohio Department of Health is going full Footloose to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Ohio has experienced a huge spike in Covid-19 cases just like the rest of the nation.  As of 4:20A.M. on November 18th, the Buckeye state had 305,364 total cases with 5,742 deaths.  See updated daily coronavirus numbers by clicking here.

The Ohio Department of Public Health is getting backlash after laying down new rules on public and private events according to the New York Post,

The rules include no socializing in open congregate areas and no dancing, guests must be seated at all times, there are to be no self-serve bar areas or self-serve buffets and masks must be worn at all times except while eating and drinking.

The groom can still kiss the bride and they can still do their first dance.  However, the guests better stay their butts in their safely distance folding chairs.  The backlash began with Republican Ohio Rep Jim Jordan with the following tweet:

The thought of going to a wedding with no dancing does seem strange yet relieving.  However, to put this in perspective.  The U.S. has nearly 11.7 million Covid-19 cases with well over 250,000 deaths.  Ohio has the 10 most cases in the country.  Not to mention, they had over 7,000 new Covid-19 cases reported over the last 24 hours.

Maybe we can take a moment and have a little laugh at how ridiculous many of the rules seem to be while still taking them serious so we can stop the spread of this virus?  Let's not forget, those numbers are people.  Many have died.  Many have recovered.  Then there are the large numbers of people who are experience very negative long-term health problems caused by Covid-19.  A little selflessness could go a long way.

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