These kids are in big trouble.  And yes, it's what you think it is.

Last Thursday students in a home economics class at Olentangy Hyatts Middle School in Powell, OH were serving a small group of teachers.  That's when the alleged prank that went way too far happened according to NBC 4 in Columbus,

...students in the home economics class Global Gourmet were preparing crepes to serve some of their teachers but one of the students allegedly tainted the food with urine and a bodily fluid before feeding it to the teachers.

If you're guessing what the other "bodily fluid" is...don't!

One student is accused of carrying out the contamination while other students are involved and let it happen.  The suspects could face felony assault charges.  There is a thorough investigation which includes DNA testing underway.

Here's is the statement released from the school district,

The safety and security of our students and staff is of utmost importance. District leadership and local law enforcement are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident, and anyone found in violation of school policies will be held accountable for their actions. We are also focusing our efforts to support the teachers impacted by this incident.



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