An Ohio Man really, really wanted pepperoni on his pizza.  Now he really wants out of jail.

It's frustrating when a fast food restaurant gets your order wrong.  The KFC on Gull Rd in Kalamazoo has tested my loyalty on ever visit.  But I don't pull a gun or act like a crazy person.

A Pizza Hut manager in Cleveland Heights had a rough day recently when a customer called complaining about the lack of pepperoni on his pizza.  The 31-year-old man then came to the restaurant to escalate his complaint according to,

The customer argued with the manager, 38, then stated that he would come around the counter and kill the manager, but he didn’t want to be charged with robbery.

The customer then left the store, went to the rear of his car and appeared to take something out of the auto. Next, the customer walked to the store’s doorway and stood there for about 10 seconds holding an object in his pocket that appeared to the manager to be a gun. The customer then proceeded to the parking lot, where he waved the handgun in the air before getting back in his car and driving away.

Luckily no one was hurt.  The suspect was arrested after the police watched security video footage of the incident.

Side note: Now I'm hungry for a pepperoni pizza.

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