No wonder he was a sugar daddy.  Because these details are delicious.

Imagine calling the police to report that an escort left your hotel room with your pants and wallet.  That seems like a fun phone call to make.  Specially that part where to police ask the escorts name and the 65-year-old man had to tell them, "Babe."  That's right, all he knew was the name Babe.

The Ohio man clearly felt comfortable with his sugar baby named Babe on their second date after meeting on a Sugar Daddy escort site.  He was no artificial sweetener as he took her to dinner and then the Drury Inn & Suites.  Bold after dinner, she took off like a sugar rush.  And she didn't leave empty handed according to,

Babe had reportedly gotten on the phone with her sister, then gathered up some of the man’s belongings, including the jeans with the Polo wallet, and left the building quickly, getting into an awaiting silver Chevrolet HHR in the parking lot.

That could be a hilarious story about bad decisions all by itself.  However, there's more.  The suspect then attempted to spend $500 at the Family Dollar.  The sugar daddy, I'm sorry I'll be more politically correct.  The glucose guardian was contacted by his credit card company about the fraudulent purchase.  How on earth do spend $500 at a dollar store?  Also, how do you that just minutes after you stole a credit card from your sugar daddy.  Babe means business.

Some how Babe is still on the run.  She's a black woman in her twenties described as being about 5'6", 110-120 pounds and wearing fuzzy ankle boots.

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