The bodycam footage of an officer breaking this window to save a puppy will make your day.

Officer Howard of the Miami Township Police responded to a call about a puppy locked in a hot car with the windows up for over an hour.  When Howard arrived she found the puppy was unresponsive in the back floorboard of the vehicle.  The officer first tried to jimmy the locked door open.  When that didn't work she did what we all wish we could do in a moment like this.  Check out the video below. (If the embedded video below isn't playing click here.)

The Miami Township Police reminded the public what should be obvious,

NEVER leave children or animals alone in a hot car. They can't get out of the car that gets hotter and hotter by the minute.

I kind of wish the officer would have smashed in all of the windows.  Is it just me?

The local animal control have taken custody of the puppy and are handling the case.  Now word on if charges will be filed at this time.

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