The man caught on camera stuffing meat into his pants returns to the scene of the crime and gets busted.

Clearly, this criminal didn't realize what was at steak after shop lifting a package of meat.  The suspect was caught on camera stuffing his pants with meat on May 2nd.  He couldn't get enough of the meat sweats, because he came back according to,

At 8:55 p.m. May 3, a store employee at Market District, 34310 Aurora Road, told an off-duty police officer working security that a suspect was in the store who, the previous day, had been captured on video stealing goods.

The officer watched the suspect as he selected a package of meat and put it down his pants. Later, the suspect exited the store via a side door. In the parking lot, the officer told the suspect to stop, but the man ignored the command.

He was later caught with Beef Jerky in his hands and a package of steak in his pants.  No, that's not a joke.

The 23-year old Solon, OH man was charged with theft and possession of marijuana.  Oh....He had the munchies.  Case solved.

Ohio..STOP IT!

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