This 20-year-old is facing charges after a mask tantrum with his brass knuckles at an Ohio Walmart.

The young Milan man refused to put on a mask when entering a Walmart in Sundusky, Ohio on a recent Saturday.  Not only did he refuse to mask up for everyone's safety.  He also refused to leave the store.  The incident escalated quickly when the officer told the angry anit-masker to leave according to Officer Martin Curran's police report found on Cleveland 19 News' website,

He did not look happy I was there.  As [Tusing] walked away, I observed him stick his left hand into his left front pocket and pull the hand out, now carrying a pair of brass knuckles.

A story like this normally ends with a quick arrest and that's all she wrote.  However, this is Ohio during a pandemic.  As the officer walked the suspect out of the store in handcuffs, a flurry of dumb things allegedly flew out of his mouth.  Tusing shouted that his brass knuckles were a deadly weapon and even went as far as telling the officer "do you really think I'm (curse word) scared of you?"  The officer reported that the suspect also had a razor blade in his pocket.  Somehow Tusing is only facing a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon.  Wow.

People, stop with the mask rage.  It is one, very simple and easy action you can take to help others...and it's temporary.

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