An Indiana bar shared a video of a man who refused to wear a mask dumping beer all over an employee's head and body.

Saturday morning one of the owners of the High Score Saloon in Evansville, Indiana posted video footage of the curse laced tantrum with an emotional statement that included,

It is disheartening to think that we as a society have deteriorated to this. When Jared and I started this venture we did so with community in mind. We strive to be good employers and community assets. We have worked tirelessly to curate these games and revitalize this space. We have raised upwards of $50,000 for local charities and spearheaded and effort to pay down lunch debts for struggling families. We treat our employees with love and respect because to us? They’re family.


In that video you see 3 guys exiting the adults only gaming arcade when one them says, "want my beer, here ya go."  He then dumps the beer all over him.  Click here to see that video.

24 hours later High Score Saloon let everyone know that many people were able to identify the three men in the video.  Instead of publicly shaming them, here's what they had to say:

It boggles the minds of many, how wearing a mask has become such a divisive issue.   In 1968, you didn't see people "stand up for the freedom" by ignoring the new seat belt law.  Furthermore, nobody attacked people that followed the law and wore seat belts.  It's never happened.  Wearing a mask is such a small sacrifice and it's temporary.  Why is wearing a mask to protect others and being nice such an incredible ask for some people?

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