Do you think this Ohio kleptomaniac got away with his clever heist or did he get busted?

I've often heard that you can get in or out of any place by just acting confident like you belong there.  Well, this 45-year-old Ohio man must have heard that advice and added a Walmart vest to the mix for what he thought was the perfect crime according to,

A man attempted to steal a TV from Walmart Aug. 6 while disguised as an employee. As he was pushing the cart containing the TV out the front door, he was stopped and questioned. He said he worked at another Walmart.

You would think that if he planned this brilliant TV heist, he would have been prepared with a better response when approached by an actual Walmart employee.  Well, he didn't.  In fact, he didn't make it any further than the parking lot.

When police officers approached the suspect in the parking lot of the scene of the crime, he came clean.  The man told officers that he got the Walmart vest from a friend.  So now he's charged with theft.

I wonder if the TV that the man attempted to steal is now on sale.  Asking for a friend.

Mix together one part Ohio man and one part Walmart, you have yourself the perfect recipe for a tasty "Ohio...Stop It."

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