Excuse me, I wanted extra bacon not an extra mouse!

A construction worker from Tallmadge, OH claims he found a live mouse in his McDonald's milkshake and is taking them to court according to Ohio.com,

Kenneth Moyer Jr. is seeking $100,000 or more in his lawsuit filed this week in Summit County Common Pleas Court against an Akron McDonald’s and Rubber City Arches, which owns 24 of the fast-food restaurants in Northeast Ohio.

“The bottom line is: It’s nasty and it’s wrong,” Moyer, 43, a construction worker, said Tuesday. “However it got in there, it was wrong.”

McDonald's says that they are confident the allegations are false.  In fact, Moyer told The Beacon Journal that he left his milkshake in his truck for several minutes.  When he returned he noticed the straw moving.

In my opinion, that shakes his story up a little.  If you want to see a picture of this unhappy meal, click here.


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