You can order a Whopper for a penny “at” McDonald’s.  It's crazy but comically true.

In one of the funniest twitter troll promotions the internet has ever seen, all you need to do is download the Burger King app according to,

Here's how it works: If you're within 600-feet of a McDonald's you can unlock a deal for a penny Whopper using the Burger King app. The app then offers directions to a nearby participating Burger King, where you can pick up the burger. The company announced the deal on Tuesday. It runs through December 12, and customers can only access it once.

It started with this tweet from Burger King Tuesday:

This is in response to a recent McDonald's promotion where you could get $1 fries by downloading their app.

We have been told that this does in fact work in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas.  However, if you want cheese on your whopper you'll pay a whopping 43 cents.

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