What started out as a simple traffic stop quickly escalated into the craziest moment of this police officer's career.

Everything about this story defies basic logic.  From the disturbing things they found in his vehicle to the web of easily fact checked lies he told.  Then there's why he was pulled over in the first place according to the Daily Beast,

Gregory Candea allegedly activated a set of blue police lights in his Ford F350 prior to making an illegal left turn.

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Brook Park Police Sgt. Harold Duncan pulled the man over and what happened next would have been a shock to most anyone.  Candea allegedly told the officer that he was a special agent with the FBI.  The police report states that he went on to say "I never go to court,  I have too much authority in the United States."

The officer called in the suspect's name and date of birth only to discover multiple outstanding arrest warrants.  But that isn't even in the ball park of the most interesting discoveries during this traffic stop.

The police found hand cuffs, a stun gun, receipts for several firearms and ammunition and a DEA badge inside the suspects vehicle.  On top of claiming that he was an FBI agent he also claimed to be an undercover agent for the CIA and was wearing a shirt with the CIA logo on it.  To make this strange traffic stop stranger, Candea told another officer that he worked for the United States Treasury Department.  All of the claims were easily debunked.

The Raw Story found the Candea's facebook profile that stated he owned a tree-trimming service.  Candea is now under arrest for multiple charges.

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