To say this is a story that could only come from Ohio, would be an understatement.

A South Euclid, OH man was apparently getting his swerve on with his side piece when his girlfriend started knocking on the front of his home.  He came with a not so obvious plan to get rid of the girlfriend without her finding out about the mistress.  Call the police.  So, that's what he did according to,

A man, 28, reported April 4 that someone was attempting to break into his home. Officers arrived to find a woman, who explained she was the man’s girlfriend.

The police then learned that this playboy had another woman hiding in his closet and was hoping the officers would do him a solid and remove girlfriend from the area so she wouldn't find out that he's a big fat cheater.

Well, that didn't happen.  What did happen was the playa was charged with making false alarms.  There's no word on if the girlfriend has kicked him to the curb.


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