A badly beaten Medina, OH man was found sleeping on someone else's couch Sunday morning.

Jay Goodman and his wife woke up Sunday Morning and decided to grab some coffee when they discovered a stranger passed out on their couch.  Jay grabbed a baseball bat for protection then called 911.  The last thing the man on the couch needed was a fight with a baseball bat according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

Medina police quickly responded and arrested 30-year-old Colin Febus on a charge of burglary.  Febus told FOX 8 the last thing he remembered that night was drinking at a local bar. Febus, sporting a broken nose and two black eyes, said he was beaten up by an unknown person and was then dropped off at the wrong house.

The suspect feels terrible for the family who's house he mistakenly broke into.  He's also upset that he has no memory of exactly what happened Saturday Night.

Goodman has decided to get new surveillance cameras and a security system installed after this incident.  Not a bad call.  My security cameras catch a lot of action.

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