On the East side of Kalamazoo an SUV plowed over my mailboxes and just kept going Friday Night. 

(There story was updated 12/9/19 6:11 PM.  You can find the updated info at the bottom of the story.)

A couple minutes after 7 PM Friday night someone speeding down Midway Avenue on the East side of Kalamazoo crossed over the yellow line and took out a small group of mailboxes.  They didn't even slow down after the collision.  You can see the video below.

We don't know for sure if the drive was under the influence or texting.  Over 12 hours later a next door neighbor said that one of the neighbors (driver of the vehicle that hit the mailboxes) claimed that a deer was in the road and she swerved to miss it when she hit the mailboxes.

However, we don't see any deer in the video.  Also, why wouldn't you knock on our door at 7 PM on a Friday evening to let us know what happened instead of waiting over 12 hours later?

On a Friday evening we could have been walking our dogs when this happened.  We're lucky it was just our mailboxes.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

The person responsible replaced the mailboxes Saturday before mail came.  She apologized and felt terrible about the incident.

The other video that made my mailbox famous...

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