This is probably one of our biggest fears and it just became reality for one unlucky Michigan couple: finding a hidden spy camera.

With today's technology you'd be amazed--and shocked--to learn of all the small inconspicuous items that are able to house hidden cameras. In this case it happened to be a small garden statue at a local hot tub garden.

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On Wednesday, June 22 Oasis Hot Tubs Gardens shared their news on social media with the following press release:

Several days ago a piece of a micro-camera was found wedged into the base of a statue in one of our Ann Arbor gardens. We were devastated to learn of this potential breach of customer privacy. Oasis management immediately transferred this device to the Ann Arbor police department for further examination.

Google Maps
Oasis, Ann Arbor - via Google Maps

So, What Happened?

According to a statement from the Ann Arbor Police Department a couple from Dearborn Heights found the camera in their private hot tub room; the camera was hidden in a wooden statue that faced the hot tub.

Authorities were notified and upon initial inspection it appeared the camera had been broken off a larger device. It is believed the hidden camera did not have the capacity to store or transmit data and, "No accompanying electronic components were found on Oasis premises."

Google Maps
Oasis, Kalamazoo - via Google Maps

What About Their Other Locations?

This incident occurred at the Ann Arbor location, but Oasis also owns several hot tub gardens across the state including Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. The company says they have done a full sweep of each room in all three of their garden locations across Michigan and no other devices have been found adding,

Further, the Oasis has contracted an outside security company to conduct an additional sweep of all 46 of our company-wide gardens.

If you have any information regarding this incident you are asked to contact the Ann Arbor police department at (734) 794.6920 or email the tip line at

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