This young Kalamazoo man has turned his chicken nugget obsession into more than viral videos.

I've seen this chicken nugget guy pop up on my feed over the last couple of months and had no idea that he lives in Kalamazoo.  21-year-old Zachary Lind has been getting lots of attention lately for his Nuggy.Buddy tiktok account.  He currently has 38.4 thousand followers and over 667 thousand total video likes.  In fact, he was just featured on Fox 17 Monday morning.

He's turned his obsession of chicken nuggets into art, which has translated in to giant, viral videos on TikTok.  For example, he created the coolest skate board out of nuggets.  The video of Lind showing, step by step, how he created this delicious ride, has been viewed over 1.1 million times.

His most viewed video shows him doing a slight modification to the nugget board.  This video has been watched over 1.6 million times.


It's the regular scavenger hunts of his persevered chicken nuggets that really caught everyone's attention.  Zachary places a nugget in random places.  If you can figure out where it is by the clues in the video, you can go grab it and keep it.  Many times those places are in Southwest Michigan.  In this video that has been viewed 1.3 million times, he left the nugget near Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Just recently Nuggy.Buddy posted a video showing off his nugget board, guitar and table. OK, that guitar is pretty cool.

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