Local police departments have been hitting it out of the park lately on social media.  But this Norwood, Ohio warning takes the cake.

It seems hilarious yet necessary in this bizarre time we live in.  The Norwood, Ohio Police Department "public service announcement" has been shared nearly 1,000 times in just a couple days,

We have been made aware that persons are possibly eating Tide Pods because they resemble candy. We thought it would be prudent to let persons know that this traffic cone is not just a really big piece of candy corn. They don't taste at all like candy. Please do not try to eat them. Though most likely not dangerous to eat, a traffic cone would be very chewy, could taste like motor oil, and be extremely difficult to swallow.

Remember the days when we thought having directions on a shampoo bottle were completely unnecessary?  Well, we have kids eating toxic detergent to get youtube views.  So yeah people, please don't eat the traffic cones.

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