Since the prohibition laws were overturned and Americans above the age of 21 can purchase and consume alcoholic beverages legally, we have seen the winery and distillery business boom. This is because tons have the idea to make their own liquor and almost every casual event has access to a bar. It has become more than typical for many to drink every day or multiple times a week, whether having a few to unwind or partying until the sun comes up, drinking is almost expected.

With everyone getting into the liquor game, businesses have been trying to find ways to separate themselves, generate business, and create loyal customers. Some have chosen to add arcade games to their venue, some have seasonal ales and wines that attract visitors, and others are thinking outside of the box. One of those places is the Iron Shoe Distillery in Niles, Michigan. They have figured out one of the coolest ways to take their distillery to their customers.

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They used old materials to make a new machine and gave it the name, The Two Horse Saloon. When asked about the mobile bar, owner Laura Tuthill said

The Two Horse Saloon is a vintage 1980 horse trailer that has been professionally restored and converted into a rad beverage wagon. Her life of hauling horses was over, so we brought her back to life with a new purpose as a mobile cocktail bar, pouring a little bit of happiness in every glass! The Two Horse Saloon is adaptable to small, intimate settings or larger-scale events. We take everything into account to ensure we deliver a fun, memorable, and unique experience for everyone we serve. The Two Horse Saloon caters to any type of event and can serve gourmet mock-tails, lemonade, and sodas, and can even double as a dessert bar!

There is the idea of separating yourself from the competition and then there is the Two Horse Saloon coming through and being completely different. They can provide you with drinks of many varieties, make your party desserts if you ask for them, and even provide fun and unique memories to your event. When breweries, distilleries, and wineries are popping up everywhere, you have to make yourself stand out. The Two Horse Saloon is doing its job and helping The Iron Shoe Distillery stand out.

Nile's Iron Shoe Distillery: Two Horse Saloon

A mobile multi-functional cocktail bar named The Two Horse Saloon that's run by the Iron Shoe Distillery in Niles, Michigan

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