Construction seems to be endless around Kalamazoo lately. That includes areas surrounding downtown Kalamazoo.

Just yesterday (8/23), the City of Kalamazoo shared a post on their Facebook page that read,

The Michigan Department of Transportation will be closing Westbound E. Michigan Avenue at Portage Creek bridge beginning August 24 through September 14 for repair. Local traffic will be maintained until the bridge. Local businesses on E. Michigan Avenue will be open and accessible. Pedestrians should follow the local detour.

Along with this map:

Map of Downtown Kalamazoo Construction Via City of Kalamazoo Facebook Page
Map of Downtown Kalamazoo Construction Via City of Kalamazoo Facebook Page

A little aggravating? Perhaps. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternate routes going to and from downtown Kalamazoo.

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Numerous construction projects around Kalamazoo have been causing delays, confusion and more. Just a few weeks ago a road project outside my apartment complex shut down the main road for hours. It took me 30 minutes, instead of the usual 10 to get home simply because I was trying to find a detour. It makes me wish there was some sort of resource where we could see what projects were happening at what times.

It turns out, there is. The Road Commission of Kalamazoo has an updated list of ongoing projects in the Kalamazoo area. It lists construction projects by town along with the detours you can expect to follow. See that full list here.

As you're making your way through what seems like endless construction make sure you're avoiding these intersections. They've been rated the "scariest" intersections in Kalamazoo. What do you think?

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