What's up good people? I'm Mark Frankhouse and last week I began Mid Days at KFR, for fate has brought me to Kalamazoo and I couldn't be any happier. I've been in the Radio industry since 2011 and since discovering it as a career path, I've been working my butt off to get to this stage in my life. Not many people see the struggles one goes through in order to provide and make it in this industry. From working back to back 18 hour days, sacrificing sleep, months without a day off & time with loved ones, it's not an easy path to travel; but nothing ever worth obtaining is.

I love being able to entertain and to make people laugh and happy. Too much negativity in this world if you ask me. So allow me to tell you a little about myself.


I'm A Vocalist- I've been singing since I was a kid. The first album I ever listened to was Michael Jackson's "Thriller". It remains one of my favorite albums to this day. I was later molded by band's such as AC/DC, The J. Geils Band, Green Day, Queen and so many others to evolve and influence my vocal style. Since 2014, I've been singing with a band New Fossils out of Brighton

mark singing


I Was Born And Raised In Michigan- I was born in Detroit in 1985 and resided in Royal Oak until I was 4. Our family then moved to Rochester Hills, a beautiful suburb about a half hour north of Detroit. My parents to this day still live in the same house that we moved into in 1989. I myself have moved quite a bit to cities like Shelby Township, Hazel Park, Rochester and Ferndale. But I've always been in the mitten. I love this state and enjoy every part of it.


I'm The Second Of Four Brothers- My parents did a hell of a job raising and let's be honest here, dealing with four boys in their house. My oldest brother Tim is a graduate of Western Michigan University and played Baseball for not only the Broncos, but for the late Kalamazoo Kings Organization. He now lives in Traverse City and is expecting his first child with my sister in law Jenn. My first youngest Allen is my best friend and an incredibly talented artist. He is also a Pulmonary Function Tech for Beaumont Hospital. My youngest brother Tyler just began his studies in Business and plays baseball for Northwood University in Midland. He just recently achieved success this year with Back-To-Back Regional Championship Titles with Rochester High School. I'm inspired and proud of all of my brothers.




I Was Slimmed At Nickelodeon Studios- Coming off of one of the worst flu episodes  I've ever had on our Christmas vacation to Florida in 1995, my parents took my brothers and I to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. This was my dream come true considering Nick was what i lived off of as a kid. Shows like Ren & Stimpy, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Rugrats and Double Dare were the bane of my existence. After taking the tour of the facility, we went into a game show style room where they had fun activities set up for the kids. As soon as the guy with the mic walked out the first thing out of his mouth was, "Alright... who wants to be sli---ME!!!"  I didn't even give the guy enough time to finish his sentence before jumping up and demanding to be chosen. He pointed at me and instructed me to go to the back and change. About 20 minutes went by before I finally went out and sat in a kiddie pool as they dumped slime all over me head. I'll never forget how it finally felt to be slimmed. Easily one of the best experiences of my life.



My Uncle Bean Was Great Friends With Elvis Presley- A great friend of the family, Johnny Lang, who I call my Uncle Bean was very close friends with Elvis. They met at Fort Hood and began their friendship on a train ride to New York and began bonding on the USS General Randall en route to Germany. They were both drafted around the same time. Johnny spent weekends at Elvis' house and enjoyed playing flag football. While doing an interview with him for a class at Specs Howard School of Media Arts, he showed me his house, dubbed "Graceland 2." There he showed me a Zippo lighter and a watch, both engraved "To Johnny From Elvis." Johnny once asked Elvis, "Why me?" He could have befriended anyone on that ship. Elvis replied " Because you treat me like a friend, I could be a janitor and you wouldn't treat me any different than you do now." Johnny saw the man that Elvis was. The heart he had. To this day Johnny still has the youthful fire in him and always reflects back of his many adventures with The King with fondness. I'm just lucky that I get to shake the hand that shook the hand.

I hope you all enjoy my future antics your new Mid Day Host. Let's have some fun!

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